Road to Rio+20 and road to Euro 2012

Over the last few weeks, and into next week, I have been a guest blogger on the RSPB website; blogging about the Rio+20 conference from a variety of perspectives.  And yesterday, the RSPB got a much more eminent guest blogger to chip in – Deputy PM Nick Clegg who is going to the Rio conference.  Here are the links to what he and I wrote:

June 1 – The road to Rio (+20)

June 2 – Gone and some are forgotten

June 3 – Another boost, 20 years on

June 4 – Shifting baselines are important too

June 5 – Special places

June 6 – Nature on the move

June 7 – Rainforests paying their way

June 8 – Trouble at sea

June 9 – The coming ‘cold rush’

June 10 – Feeding the world – less is more?

June 11 – Well done to mariners, ancient and modern

June 12 –The greatest show on Earth? (coral reefs)

June 13 – Airports and roads on the journey to sustainable development  (

June 14 –Wildlife tourism – killing with kindness (or not?)? (which countries have got it right?)

June 15 –Ambitions for Rio+20 by Nick Clegg, Drenching the countryside in chemicals

Today – Non-native species

Sunday – The Catskills and NY’s water supply

Monday – Biofuels

Tuesday – Us or them?

Wednesday – Brazil

Nick Clegg’s blog says some good things.  The test will be whether he can say some good things when he comes back – sign him up for a report on Rio please RSPB.

And so to football: there have been quite a few draws so far, and there are three non-EU countries involved, so let’s ignore all of those for simplicity.  In the remaining seven matches, four have been won by the country with the greatest proportion of its land area designated as Natura 2000 sites.  We’ll see how this ends up.

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  1. Dennis Ames

    Wonder if the politicians whichever party ever see anything except clinging on to power whatever the consequences as I see that even now when U K ought to be getting to grips with financial crisis then we are importing billions more than we are exporting each month.Seeing as we are about 4 years down the line of financial troubles then surely they ought between the three party's involved have made some headway.The point being really that if we go further into financial trouble and are more or less bankrupt then wildlife will really take a back seat.Think they need to concentrate on the important issue and in that context Levuson and these other distractions need to be put in the pecking order.



  1. Is your MP in this list - mine isn't? - Mark Avery

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