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The perfect Christmas present?  Well, maybe not - but it's quite cheap!

The perfect Christmas present?
Well, maybe not – but it’s quite cheap!

A man by the name of Avery (what an excellent name that is) got in touch with me recently because a copy of Fighting for Birds had arrived unexpectedly through the post.

If there is someone buying and sending out copies of Fighting for Birds to everyone called Avery this Christmas then that seems like an excellent idea to this Avery – and I wish I were called Smith!

The Kindle edition is a ridiculously cheap £2.05 through December so it’s hardly worth thinking about for long – go on, buy it!

Uniformly enthusiastic reviews.

Available from Amazon where it has 22 5-star reviews from readers.

Also available from the publisher – Pelagic Publishing.

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  1. Anne Langan

    Really enjoying this book. £2.05 on Kindle is quite amazing value. Bargain of my year.

    • Mark

      Anne - glad you are enjoying it!


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