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Sunday book review – Kingfishers by David Chandler

  This book, published on Thursday, is a celebration of one of our favourite birds; everyone loves a Kingfisher. If you are out with other birdwatchers and one of you spots a Kingfisher then there is always a note of excitement as the bird is mentioned –  ‘Kingfisher!!’. Nobody ever announces a Kingfisher with a […]

Sunday book review – Birding in the Bristol region (edited by William Earp)

  The Bristol Ornithological Club is 50 years old and this book is a celebration of its first half century. I was a member from 1970-76 and so my memories are mostly from its early years when I was a schoolboy and starting (mad) keen birding. This is a friendly warm book which sketches the […]

Sunday book review

Sunday came early this week – see here Likes(12)Dislikes(0)

Book review – Climate Change by HRH The Prince of Wales

It’s a while since I bought a Ladybird book – but I still have a lot of the original series dotted around the house. This book, published today, is one of the ‘Expert’ series and the three authors can rightly be classed as such (but even if they weren’t, this book has been peer-reviewed by […]

This blog’s books of the year

I have reviewed 31 books on this blog this year – three more than last year. Some of these are sent to me by publishers or authors, some I simply go out and buy. Which books you like is as personal a choice as what music you like. But for what it’s worth, here are […]