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Sunday book review – Flying High by Anneliese Emmans Dean

  This is a bird version of the same author’s Buzzing which was reviewed here three years ago. Anneliese is a poet, writer and performer and her bubbly personality comes across in her book. It consists of c50 double-page spreads of bird species – in each of which there is a poem and a bunch […]

Sunday book review – Bumblebees by Richard Comont

  This book is another in the RSPB Spotlight series (see my review of Kingfishers) which is published by Bloomsbury.  It’s a cracking book written, by an expert, in a thoroughly engaging and understandable manner. I’ve had this book for a while but picked it up to find out more about the Tree Bumblebees in […]

Sunday book review – Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth

Scientists tend to be pretty sniffy about economists: economics seems like the pseudo-science which explains anything after it happens and yet predicts nothing about to happen. So why would anyone want to think like an economist? And yet economics is about values and about what sort of world we want to live in – something […]

Bank holiday Monday book review – Stories from the Leopold Shack by Estella Leopold.

Aldo Leopold was a wildlife philosopher and guru, and is widely seen to have been a highly influential leader of environmental thinking in the USA. This book, written by one of his daughters, is a tribute to Leopold and an account of the family times in the shack in the Wisconsin woods which features in […]

Sunday book review – Songs of Love & War by Dominic Couzens

It’s quite difficult to tell what this book is about from its title, its prologue or from its dust jacket.  You might be misled into thinking that it is mostly about bird song, but it isn’t.  It dips into various aspects of bird behaviour and mixes these accounts with the author’s personal observations of birds […]