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Guest blog – Protecting the knackered by Jean-Luc Solandt

Jean-Luc Solandt is a marine biologist struggling to get out of a policy expert. He worked on coral reef ecology for 15 years, providing diving survey data for the creation of Marine Protected Areas. He’s been working in the UK at the Marine Conservation Society for over 13 years on developing networks of MPAs, making […]

Guest blog – Looking with skill by Emily Adams

Dr Emily Adams is a researcher, writer and manager who currently lives in Zurich, Switzerland, and works part-time for the British Association of Nature Conservationists (BANC).  She has a PhD in Geography (studying beekeeping knowledge and engagement with science and policy), and a background in biology and conservation. She runs a small silk painting company, […]

Guest blog – Spurn developments by John Lawton

Prof Sir John Lawton FRS is a distinguished ecologist and is the chair of the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. He was elected Fellow of the Royal Society in 1989, awarded a CBE in 1997 and knighted in 2005  for his contributions to ecological science. He has been awarded numerous other national and international science prizes. John […]

Guest blog – Mystery of the slugs by Brin Best

Brin Best is an award-winning author who writes from his home in the Yorkshire Dales. He has written over 20 books, many best-sellers in their field, including several titles about biodiversity and natural history. Brin has also been the trustee of three environmental charities, and served as a Council member of the RSPB for four […]

Guest blog – The Magic of Spurn Point by Daphne Pleace

A child of nature going back to it in my dotage and, hopefully, becoming feral. Volunteer for a few conservation organisations; trying to find a ‘patch’ (can it be a sea wall, or a park?); writing a book about psychological benefits of being in nature; doing an MA in Nature Writing; maintaining a blog at […]

Guest Blog – An update on African and European Vultures by Chris Bowden

Chris Bowden is RSPB’s Globally Threatened Species Officer, and Programme Manager of the consortium of ‘SAVE’ partners – Saving Asia’s Vultures from Extinction. Chris has worked for RSPB on various threatened species, (after his Woodlark and Nightjar research days on Thetford Forest), notably the Northern Bald Ibis based in Morocco (for which he still has […]

Guest blog – An astronaut’s life by Emma Websdale

Emma Websdale is a Conservation Biologist and writer. Working as the Senior Communications Officer for The Wildlife Trusts, she is particularly motivated in engaging younger audiences, helping them make sure that nature doesn’t drop off their agenda.  She has written three previous Guest Blogs for this site (one about extinction and Passenger Pigeons, another other […]

Guest blogs – I’m keen to have more

There have been many excellent Guest Blogs here over the years – and months, and weeks, and days (and there’s another one tomorrow). I like Guest Blogs because: I don’t have to write them, they add to the variety of the blog, experts can write about things of which I know little or nothing, they […]

Guest blog – A ‘Minor’ Encounter with Nature by Findlay Wilde

Findlay Wilde is a friend of mine. He blogged here in 2012 (Is the future in safe hands?), 2013 (Guests at Nature’s Table), 2014 (Wishing you a Harry Christmas) and now this is his 2015 blog!             Back in June this year, I posted a series of guest blogs on […]

Guest blog – Puppet Sex and Stanley Johnson by Lyn Ebbs

By education and training I am a microbiologist and worked in the NHS and biotech sector. I finished my working career in clinical research and patient safety in the pharmaceutical industry, so am a firm believer in evidence-based science. I’ve been a member of the RSPB for many years and started volunteering for them when […]