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Guest Blog – Minds and happiness flourish with outdoor learning by Emma Websdale

Emma Websdale is a Conservation Biologist and writer. Working as the Senior Communications Officer for The Wildlife Trusts, she is particularly motivated in engaging younger audiences, helping them make sure that nature doesn’t drop off their agenda.  She has written two previous Guest Blogs for this site (one about extinction and Passenger Pigeons, and the […]

Guest blog – “So, Ben, about this list…” by Ben Hoare

Ben Hoare has been a natural history editor for 20 years. One of his first jobs was deciphering the pencil scrawl of ornithologist Hadoram Shirihai in Eilat – he was paid in ‘life ticks’, including Basra reed warbler, Nubian nightjar and Southern pochard. In 2009 (by now earning real money) Ben became Features Editor of […]

Guest blog – A story of nature and human wellbeing by Andy Atkins

Andy Atkins steps down from 7 years as Executive Director of Friends of the Earth in June.  He is taking a few months break to write a book and, if there is time left over, to paint a series of landscapes from a large collection of sketches.  After that he plans to throw himself back […]

Guest Blog – Today should be Derek Ratcliffe’s National Peregrine Day by Stuart Housden

Stuart Housden writes: On 21st April 1945, seventy years ago, Derek Ratcliffe climbed to his first peregrine’s nest in the north Pennines. He was then a schoolboy at Carlisle Grammar School, but described that day in his memoir In Search of Nature as his ‘red letter day’. In fact, he was almost killed, as the […]

Guest blog – In favour of the EU by Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson is an independent professional ecologist with more than 15 years experience. When in the field, he specialises in avian and invertebrate ecology, with a smattering of botanical surveying thrown in for good measure. His background as a consultant has led to a keen interest in EU and UK law in the context of […]

Guest blog – The case against the EU by Richard Wayre

After twenty-some years pursuing a career in marketing and management consultancy I jumped ship and returned to academia, initially to study Countryside Management and then moving on to read for a degree in Ecology. The marriage of my old world and new is not a comfortable one. From the dual perspectives of environment and economy, […]

Guest blog – Food security by Roderick Leslie

Although I worked as a forester I actually studied Agricultural & Forest Science under the great agricultural educationalist Mike Soper. Even back in the 70s I remember the question ‘where does it all end?’ was being asked – the risks of flash-over resistance to antibiotics from pigs to humans as a result of them being […]

Guest blog – Snail Trail by James Harding-Morris

James Harding-Morris is a primary school teacher who currently works as the Schools’ Project Coordinator for the RSPB. Despite having no qualifications in conservation, ecology or similar, he persists in spending his days getting over-excited about wildlife and trying to encourage other people to feel the same. He can found on Twitter @UKSnailTrail.   I […]

Guest blog – SWAFH by Rodney Hale

I was brought up in a family of farmers and bloodsports enthusiasts – that is with the exception of my mother who nearly left my father when he returned home from a shooting trip with his car covered in blood. Had she done so I might not have been sitting here now. I have vivid […]

Guest blog – Where green objectives clash by Peter Marren

Peter Marren is the first person to have their third Guest Blog on this site (see here and here for his previous Guest Blogs). Peter used to work for an excellent organisation called the Nature Conservancy Council (who remembers them? – and yes we didn’t always think they were excellent at the time but how […]