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Hoddlesden Moss wind farm proposal withdrawn

A proposal for a wind farm at Hoddlesden Moss has been withdrawn. I guess this is because the recommendation of council staff was to refuse it. And I don’t have to guess that that was partly because of the biological interest of the West Pennine Moors SSSI. And we know that pressure from locals over […]

Donana Bird Fair 2017

  I was at the Donana Bird Fair two years ago and, rather by chance, I was back there on Sunday. This is Year 4 and the event is clearly developing. There is still sun and fun, and good birds to be seen on site (including that duck with a blue beak),  but there are […]

A general election for the environment?

Have you spotted that there is going to be a UK general election this June? I bet you have. This will allow all the political parties to set out their environmental policies so that we can choose between them – in theory.  Don’t hold your breath! I will be rather surprised if Labour has any […]

Tim Melling – Black Grouse

This male was flying into a lek in North Wales taken while I was using the car as a hide.  They make two different noises while lecking.  They make a constant bubbling call, interspersed with a harsh hissing chooweee, and I can confirm that this bird with its open beak was hissing.  Photographing lecking birds […]

Tim Melling – Ring Ousel

I took this photograph on Easter Sunday while it was actually raining.  Most people seemed to avoid the Peak District Moors in grim weather but I braved it and was rewarded with this close view.  I sat quietly in the lee of a drystone wall by a wind-stunted Rowan tree and waited for about twenty […]