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Oscar Dewhurst – Glossy Ibis

Oscar writes: For the second part of our stay we were in El Rocío, in the Doñana National Park. On our first evening I lay down in the grass by the edge of the marsh, and before long a flock of Glossy Ibises came down to feed. Nikon D800, Nikon 400mm f/2.8 VR lens, Nikon […]

Tim Melling – Marbled Murrelet

  Tim writes:  For much of the 20th Century nobody had been able to find a nest of Marbled Murrelet. By the mid twentieth century the National Audubon Society was even offering $100 reward for the finder of the first documented nest as all other nests of North American birds had been found by this […]

An Unreliable History of Birdwatching (13) by Paul Thomas

Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill

St Aidan’s nature reserve

  I remember visiting St Aidan’s about 10 years ago – when it was a big hole in the ground which I was told would at some time in the future be full of birds. Well, I was keen to go and see whether this promise has been fulfilled – and it has! What an […]