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Merlins in the Lammermuirs

  In the current issue of British Birds there is a paper on a long-term study of Merlins on grouse moors in the Lammermuirs which makes an interesting read (as do many other pages in the journal). Data were collected over a span of 31 seasons (with that break in data for the Foot-and-Mouth year […]

Closing the day after tomorrow

Chris Packham’s e-petition asking for a moratorium on shooting of declining waders to allow some proper research to be done on any potential impacts of shooting is entering its last couple of days. I’d love to see it gain a few more signatures before it closes, even though it has done pretty well, so if […]

Police and BASC get kids onto the North York Moors

BASC joins forces with police to get youngsters on the moors. Yet another example of close working between police and BASC. Planned activities are expected to include: identification of live birds – oh, another Red Grouse identification of dead birds – here’s a raptor! and here’s a Ring Ousel in a fenn trap arson – […]

A curious strategy indeed

In a week’s time there will be a Westminster Hall debate on badger culling – it’s not the first debate and it probably won’t be the last.  I would hope that MPs participating in the debate might read this essay by Anna Dale which I found very clear, very thorough and really quite shocking. It […]

That’s what we need – NGOs with campaigning zeal!

‘The state-sanctioned snaring of Scotland’s mountain hares appears to be over after a wildlife quango suggested there will be a clampdown on permits to kill the iconic species.‘ says The Sunday Times today. The charity OneKind has been at the forefront of this campaign and they deserve a lot of credit for this decision being […]