Nights drawing out

If you are following my thoughts on horses I’m afraid you didn’t get the best possible run from Master Overseer but the Welsh National is always an exciting race to watch.

Have you noticed how the nights are drawing out now?  No, neither have I really but the fact is that we are well past the winter solstice and it is downhill all the way from here to mid summer!

Here at latitude 52N the sun is visible for about 7 hours 45 minutes at the winter solstice, last week.  And that was true in inner Mongloia, southern Alaska, Poland and Belarus as well as here in east Northants. We are gaining a few minutes of daylight every day and that is something to cheer us all in these winter days.

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2 Replies to “Nights drawing out”

  1. I had a great spotted woodpecker drumming a day or so ago so perhaps he was responding to that extra very few minutes of daylight and the mild weather. Anyway good to hear as a reminder spring is not so far away!

  2. I noticed the birds started singing their dawn chorus for the first time here in Somerset at the solstice. Roses and dandelions out - how confusing.


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