80,000+ for the Inglorious 12th


We have momentum! Thank you to everyone for your help and support. 80,000+ signatures and we are still a couple of days from the Inglorious 12th when grouse shooting traditionally starts!

Because the average constituency must get 154 signatures by 20 September if we are to hit 100,000, I have listed those which have already crossed the line with six weeks to go: newcomers to the list are shown in bold.  This is becoming such a big list that I’m sure there must be some omissions but I’ve done my best!

Calder Valley has now passed 500 signatures!

High Peak has passed 350 signatures.

Skipton and Ripon, Derbyshire Dales, Bristol West and Ross, Skye and Lochaber have all passed 300 signatures.

Eighteen constituencies have joined the ‘200 Club’: Penrith and Border, CambridgeDumfries and Galloway, West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine, Edinburgh North and Leith,  Bridgwater and West SomersetNorwich South, St. Ives, Richmond (Yorks), South Cambridgeshire, Sheffield Hallam, Arundel and South Downs, North Somerset, Brighton Kemptown, Ribble Valley, South West Surrey, Colne Valley, Exeter  and Hove.

    1. Calder Valley 522
    2. High Peak  383
    3. Skipton and Ripon 329
    4. Ross, Skye and Lochaber  316
    5. Derbyshire Dales 314
    6. Bristol West  305
    7. Isle of Wight  298
    8. Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey  291
    9. Westmorland and Lonsdale  284
    10. Brighton, Pavilion 283
    11. North Norfolk 259
    12. Argyll and Bute  268
    13. Torridge and West Devon 263
    14. Sheffield Central  280
    15. Sheffield Hallam 265
    16. Lancaster and Fleetwood  257
    17. Stroud 257
    18. Suffolk Coastal 248
    19. Wells  244
    20. Thirsk and Malton  241
    21. Ribble Valley 241
    22. Central Devon 240
    23. Edinburgh North and Leith 235
    24. Cambridge  233
    25. Scarborough and Whitby  231
    26. Totnes  230
    27. Penrith and The Border 228
    28. Norwich South  228
    29. South Norfolk 227
    30. West Dorset  227
    31. York Central 226
    32. Bridgwater and West Somerset  223
    33. St. Ives 221
    34. Arundel and South Downs  220
    35. West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine  215
    36. Dumfries and Galloway 214
    37. South Cambridgeshire 212
    38. Richmond (Yorks)  211
    39. Brighton Kemptown  209
    40. Colne Valley  208
    41. Exeter  207
    42. Edinburgh East  206
    43. North Somerset  206
    44. Hove  205
    45. South West Surrey  200
    46. Tiverton and Honiton  199
    47. Hastings and Rye 199
    48. Mid Norfolk  198
    49. The Cotswolds  197
    50. Lewes  197
    51. Ceredigion  196
    52. Truro and Falmouth 196
    53. South East Cambridgeshire 196
    54. Somerton and Frome 195
    55. Oxford West and Abingdon 194
    56. Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk  194
    57. North East Bedfordshire  192
    58. North Dorset 191
    59. East Lothian 189
    60. Taunton Deane 189
    61. North Wiltshire 188
    62. Edinburgh South 188 
    63. Bury St Edmunds 188
    64. Ochil and South Perthshire 187
    65. Broadland 186
    66. Forest of Dean 186
    67. East Devon 186
    68. Wealden 186
    69. Bath 185
    70. Macclesfield 184
    71. Montgomeryshire 184
    72. Horsham 184
    73. Ludlow 183
    74. Salisbury 181
    75. Moray 181
    76. East Worthing and Shoreham 181
    77. Stirling 181
    78. Hexham 181
    79. Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale  179
    80. Richmond Park 178
    81. Wantage 177
    82. Waveney 176
    83. Penistone and Stocksbridge 176
    84. Keighley 176
    85. Bristol East 175
    86. Camborne and Redruth 174
    87. South West Wiltshire 174 
    88. Holborn and St Pancras 174
    89. Twickenham 174
    90. Perth and North Perthshire 173
    91. East Yorkshire 173
    92. Harrogate and Knaresborough 173
    93. Berwick-upon-Tweed 172
    94. Canterbury 172
    95. West Worcestershire 172
    96. South Dorset 170
    97. Rutland and Melton 170
    98. Congleton 170
    99. Northwest Norfolk 169
    100. Liverpool Riverside 168
    101. Louth and Horncastle 167
    102. Monmouth 167
    103. Sheffield Heeley 166
    104. Chippenham 166
    105. Witney 165
    106. Folkestone and Hythe 165
    107. Winchester 164
    108. New Forest East 164
    109. Hornsey and Wood Green 164
    110. Chorley 164
    111. North Shropshire 164
    112. Rushcliffe 163
    113. Bexhill and Battle 163
    114. Harwich and North Essex 163
    115. East Hampshire 162
    116. Shrewsbury and Atcham 162
    117. Leeds North West 162
    118. York Outer 162
    119. Morecambe and Lunesdale 161
    120. Huntingdon 160
    121. North West Hampshire 160
    122. NorthWest Cambridgeshire 159
    123. Devizes 159
    124. Manchester Withington 159
    125. Henley 158
    126. West Suffolk 158
    127. Sleaford and North Hykeham 158
    128. Bristol South 158
    129. Chesterfield 158
    130. North Cornwall 157
    131. Cheltenham 156
    132. Selby and Ainsty 156
    133. Oxford East 156
    134. North East Fife 154
    135. St Austell and Newquay 154
    136. Shipley 154 
    137. Banbury 154
    138. Chichester 154

Please add your name here to help us get a debate in parliament.

100,000 signatures needed by 20 September – we can do it!

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35 Replies to “80,000+ for the Inglorious 12th”

  1. Banbury is the final Oxon constituency to hit the 154 target. Well done all six ( one Labour, five Tory)!

    1. Richard - many thanks! I've added it at the bottom. I'm sure there are others I have missed, and others that have arrived overnight!

      And many thanks to you and Lyn for all your support. We might well get to 100,0000 signatures because of lovely people like you!

    1. Murray - many thanks! I've added it at the bottom. I'm sure there are others I have missed, and others that have arrived overnight!

    1. James - wow! Now that definitely happened overnight after I went to bed as I do check Mr Wiggin's seat regularly (if he'll pardon the expression).

  2. Mark - I for one would find it interesting to see a list of the ones yet to hit 154. Is this easy to do?

    1. peakaboo - 'fraid not but you can look yourself here http://petitionmap.unboxedconsulting.com/?petition=125003

  3. 81,000 at 8.35. I can account for a few of them. How many can you persuaded to sign Victoria Atkins. We are coming for you, be ready!

  4. 81,000 reached at 08.35 this morning - my prediction that 100,000 will be attained during the Bird Fair is looking increasingly shaky. Increasingly, it seems it will be reached several days early. If Mark has to buy himself a single beer at the Bird Fair I'll be very surprised!

    1. Bet Hen Harrier would be a popular tipple - will the Bowland Brewery be there I wonder (must check the programme)? I'll happily buy Mark a pint and Chris & Bill & BAWC et. al. They deserve it.

  5. 81212, still going at 100 an hour, Average Central now at just under 125.
    Batley and Spen just about to join the 100 club on 98.

    1. Another 5 signatures in the time it took me to type the above!

  6. You certainly do have momentum Mark, I have put a graph of recent progress on tinyurl.com/bdgsgraph. I will endeavour to update it daily.

      1. Hope so Mark, we (Action for Swifts with Swift Conservation and Swifts Local network) are in Marquee 8, stand 50, very near BAWC on stand 45.

  7. With 100,000 looking increasingly inevitable would it be possible to expand a bit on what this actually means for the campaign? Barring the need for a good celebration, I'll admit that my knowledge of the petition process is pretty slim, what happens next?

    As I understand it there is the chance (though not 100% certainty) of a commons debate on the subject, and then...? Given that any debate would not have the power to pass legislation, presumably the government responds to the debate somehow? If the government chooses to conclude that nothing needs to be done then are there limitations on how soon another petition can be launched?

    Whilst I am pleased to see the issue getting the public support it needs it seems unlikely that this will be the end of the issue. With Andrea "hunting foxes with dogs is perfectly fine" Leadsom at the helm of DEFRA it looks like there might be a lot more work to do!

    Apologies for being the spectre at the feast, congratulations to all involved in getting the petition this far, and keep up the big push to the finish!

    1. Ezra - I'll get to that, but not for a while as I am focussing on getting 100,000.

      But you may see some words on this subject next week ahead of the Bird Fair. Thank you for your comment,

    2. Ezra, if you go to the Petition website and follow the links for debates you can get full transcripts from Hansard. The one on bees and neonics might give some idea of the process.

      1. ps I think that in due course we should all write to our MPs briefing them on the subject and insisting that they represent our views in the debate.

        1. Head and brick wall springs to mind, methinks, in the case of Stratford on Avon! Perhaps a mail to Shakespeare would have more effect!

    3. One point: I believe we are certain to get a debate: the 'help' bit on the petitions website says that petitions are only not put forward for debate if the subject has recently been debated or is due to be debated shortly: https://petition.parliament.uk/help

      1. And I think of at least 3 MP's that will be proactive in ensuring a debate takes place.

  8. Pretty remarkable that the petition still has such momentum - seems like it's been around for ages. Do you data on daily number of signatures? Would be interesting to plot over time.

      1. Wow. Looks like it's going almost exponential. So have you just been recording the signature count every day? Or is the data available?

        1. The first few data points I got by going back through Mark's posts. the recent points I take off the petition website.

  9. Lots of people are doing analysis on the progress of the petition, which is great. Can I just remind on how a straightforward way to get the data into manageable form?

    At the bottom of the main page for our petition there is a link called 'Get petition data (json format)'. That does what it says but you'll probably want to copy that data to a spreadsheet to manipulate. To do that, you 'copy all' the data and paste to something like:https://json-csv.com (There are others, just google 'convert json to csv' or similar.) From there, clicking on 'download' puts the data straight into an Excel spreadsheet where you can sort and rank it as you please or add other values such as political party by constituency.


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