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  1. The linked article on the North of England Raptor Forum blog is simply excellent. It points out very clearly how Defra has positioned the goalposts in a different place for recording raptor persecution events compared with essentially all other forms of criminal activity.
    It’s well worth a read, although nobody has commented on it and I suspect that very few will read this comment either!

    1. I’d say the published advice was wrong: photograph the scene, and record the coordinates, but remove the body and the poison and take both to the Police. Use whatever comes to hand. Don’t leave the scene and the bodies in place unless there is no alternative.

      The criminals know where the poison was left.

      If you find gold on the street, you don’t photograph it, record its coordinates, and then report it to the Police and leave.

      No body, no crime is not completely unreasonable, without corroborating evidence. Such reports should be recorded, and accorded a suitable status.

      But the maps seem pretty useless to me, regardless.

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