Sunday quotes (18)

A series of quotes relevant to the environment and/or campaigning.

This week’s quote, relevant to today’s book review (of Who Owns England?) is from Marion Shoard (born 1949).

Marion Shoard. Photo: Cheechee23 [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]

The Theft of the Countryside – a book title but nonetheless a ringing phrase for all that.

More on Marion Shoard here and here.


3 Replies to “Sunday quotes (18)”

  1. Published back in 1980, crumbs … it makes you realise how long people have been campaigning for change:(

    It’s a good read and well worth people revisiting, and now Who Owns England brings us up to date.

    The expectation that public money should support landowners without public benefit is thankfully now being questioned. Let’s keep that momentum going, we desperately need reform across a whole range of land owning and land use issues?

    Will that happen before we reform the short term political system, no longer fit for purpose? #Democracy for the many not just the few?

  2. Its not just the political system..its also the justice sysytem…the people who made our laws over many centuries were the dont be surprised if the justice system protects their interests [however damaging] over the rest of us, in the modern era…

  3. Quite Dave, I suppose I see them as much the same (part of the political problem) as the actual MPs, who in theory at least are accountable through the ballot box, not like the Lords or the Judiciary:(

    We could consider selling knighthoods and peerages to fund reform of the two elements above perhaps;)

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