Sunday quotes (27)

A series of quotes relevant to the environment and/or campaigning.

This week’s quote is from Tony Benn (died 2014).

More about Tony Benn – click here.

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4 Replies to “Sunday quotes (27)”

  1. Dear Mark
    I have become a huge fan of your continuing campaign to ban driven grouse.
    I wanted to alert you to the Yorkshire Dale's Moorland Group (YDMG) who have recently been "educating" 200+ schoolchildren on the Gunnerside Estate (please see their FB page) about the delights of the dales grouse moors and DGS. Presumably no mention of Fenn traps - predator slaughter - persecution of raptors - Bulgy eye ~overworming-overstocking - lead laden food and huge carbon release and wildlife loss when they burn Heather during their "educational" trip.
    Perhaps your blog readers would be interested to see the educational work of YDMG if so they can view on FB

  2. A lovely quote. Tony Benn was apolitical hero of mine along with Aneurin Bevan and to a lesser extent Fenner Brockway and Michael Foot. I had the pleasure of meeting him when I lived in Birmingham in the mid 70's, a charming, diligent and very clever man, shame that there are so few of his integrity or stature on either side of the political divide today. Most are pygmies by comparison.
    Another Bird Fair missed, my partner is away in part making sure she can stay here after Brexit, the mind boggles she has live here for forty years! So I've been minding the livestock.

  3. Any comments on "On your farm" Curlew Safari on radio4 on Sunday
    I missed it (being asleep) and haven't listened to it yet but would be interested in your thoughts.

    1. Gary
      I listened to that broadcast. Lots of stuff about waders and how many there were, I only heard hen harriers mentioned once. It sounded more like a PR exercise to me, one to get more people on the side of DGS, although this wasn't mentioned either. And as usual, no meaningful questions from the BBC interviewer.


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