Out of print

You’ll find some copies in bookshops, and certainly on websites, but my publisher, Bloomsbury, cannot supply you with a copy of Inglorious any more. Inglorious has left the building!

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8 Replies to “Out of print”

  1. This is not good news to wake up to. There are some books that are important enough never to go out of print. Most of those books that I can think of do the same job, that is to point out mans stupidity to his fellow man and the planet on which he lives.
    If we were able to learn from these books to become better custodians of our environment, better at giving than taking, then environmental books would have stopped at Silent Spring. But we took no notice then and are still not doing so, therefore we need constant reminding.
    Sadly, these same books have a limited appeal. People simply do not want to know. Busy lives to lead, money to earn to keep their heads above water, no head space left for anything more than Strictly Come Dancing. No space in their lives to worry about that which they are powerless to affect. So these books go out of print.
    And then we retire. Kids gone, work gone, time to catch up on learning. We read Silent Spring, Inglorious, Rebirding and learn too late in life how stupid, ignorant, selfish, we have been.
    All we can do now is to pass on what we have learnt to our grandchildren. You try to obtain a book for them which you found important, informative, thought provoking, a book that made a difference to your life. But it’s out of print.
    Sadly you have to tell your grandchildren, sorry but this planet is no longer available. It’s out of life.

    1. Paul - those are nice things to hear about my book, thank you. But my publisher, Bloomsbury, has been great.

      Writing books is only for some a commercial proposition, but for publishers it is a business. Understandably, Bloomsbury took some convincing that a campaigning book about a niche fieldsport was a commercial proposition. It was not me but a couple of advocates in the company that persuaded them. And actually Inglorious, as I understand it, has been commercially successful as a book.

      Bloomsbury will certainly get the first option on the sequel ‘Glorious - how we ended driven grouse shooting’

      1. Makes our signed copy even more valuable! Hope I live to see the sequel, that would be glorious.

  2. Borrow "Inglorious" from your local library. Gives a bit of income to Mark and helps keep the library open. Trouble is in some libraries it is categorised under "Sport". Not sure that targets the interested readers.

  3. The post about your PLR income indicated that there is an electronic version of the book (if I am interpreting the table correctly). Presumably that remains available?


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