Another rewilding project – MacKnepp?

The Ramsay family in Perthshire already have Beavers – I’ve seen the dams even though I didn’t see the Beavers when I visited in March 2019. they are taking the plunge and ‘doing a Knepp’ and are looking for £24,000 through crowdfunding to get this going.

Well, it’s already going! They’ve raised a quarter of their target already but if we all chip in some dosh then they’ll soon be there. This looks good to me.

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7 Replies to “Another rewilding project – MacKnepp?”

  1. This is a fantastic initiative from a rather remarkable family, even I overcame my fear of internet transactions (and general issue of short arms, deep pockets) to chip in to this. It will be fascinating to see what happens between partially assisted natural succession and return of keystone species, the similarities and divergences between Bamff and Knepp. There is another scheme in the pipeline up here in Scotland re beavers on farmland that hopefully will get the green light. Is it just me or is there a rather frustrating lack of schemes like this in northern England and a virtual dearth of them in Wales?

    1. Agreed Les, more projects are needed in widely differing areas, soil types, seed banks etc:, it must not be assumed
      that a Knepp can be recreated anywhere, that will only lead to dissapointment.
      Did you see the programme on Scottish railways the other night ?, them beavers at Gleneagles are a set of rascals
      by the look of it.

  2. It is indeed a great initiative and the work the beavers (and people) - all volunteers!! have done already to enhance and protect biodiversity and ecosystem services is fabulous to see. The Scottish Access legislation and the Ramsays' welcoming attitude make it a wonderful place to visit, follow the changes and experience the magic - or watch it online (lovely blogs and videos). It's International Beaver Day tomorrow too!!!

  3. Yes, I was shown around by Mr Ramsey on an impromptu visit, I learnt so much in a short time. Numerous brilliant pools and bogs, and here the beavers fell non-native conifers, hooray! Impressive family and project. I'm very happy to support.

  4. Interesting that the beavers fell non-native conifers. Do they eat the bark and shoots? Or do they just want the timber!

    1. I would suspect the former, the sap and pith of most conifer bark and the young shoots are incredibly nutritious and utilised by North American first nations people as well as arctic peoples in Asia as a food source and for teas and tisanes. Beavers would be foolish to waste the opportunity. I can't see them passing up a free nutritious food source. And doing us all a favour in getting rid of the plantations at the same time.


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