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Wuthering Moors 71

Our lawyers at Leigh Day are in regular contact with Natural England following our successful challenge of the legality of the Walshaw Moor Habitats Regulations Assessment (see here and here). We understand that any new HRA will be informed by ‘‘the peat depth survey that Natural England is seeking to carry out’ .  Well done […]

Wuthering Moors 70 – EU infraction proceedings

The Guardian has an excellent story on burning of blanket bogs on grouse moors today.  Well done to Guy Shrubsole who has done a better job than I managed in getting these details out of Defra. Read the Guardian story here. The papers released by Defra confirm what you will have heard in this blog: […]

Guest blog – The Walshaw Moor blogs (1-68) by Richard Wilson (Wuthering Moors 69)

Richard Wilson is an independent professional ecologist with just under 20 years experience. When in the field, he specialises in invertebrate and avian ecology, with a smattering of botanical surveying thrown in for good measure. His background as a consultant has led to a keen interest in EU and UK law in the context of nature conservation. […]

Wuthering Moors 68 – the background to an unlawful decision

How did NE get into the position of allowing an unlawful Habitats Regualtions Assessment to be done? In this blog I will explain what I think has happened. But let me repeat that it is a serious matter when the government nature conservation agency produces an unlawful Habitats Regulations Assessment – Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?  […]

A significant victory! – Wuthering Moors 67

Yesterday  afternoon our lawyers at Leigh Day received a delayed response from Natural England on our Pre-action Protocol letter about Walshaw Moor.  It contained the following important phrases: ‘Natural England accepts that in relation to ground (2), the HRA could have been clearer in certain respects. In particular, Natural England accepts that it is not […]