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Wuthering moors (63) – waiting for an answer

I sent this FOI/EIR request to Natural England a week ago: Please send me the Habitats Regulations Assessments for the Catchment Restoration Plan for Walshaw Moor Estate and all associated documents, email correspondence etc. Note that I am requesting the Habitat Regulations Assessments – plural, as I believe that more than one version exists and […]

Wuthering moors (62) – this deep!

  Here are some images of the proposed path of the track across Walshaw Moor: all taken at the weekend by the wonderful Bob Berzins. Bob tells me ‘It is all deep peat up there and has a great wilderness feel. There is very little sign of vehicles being used so far. It would be […]

Wuthering moors (61) – Natural England – how deep have you sunk?

Dear Natural England, You know that ‘Catchment Restoration Plan’ that you signed with Walshaw Moor Estate? You know? This one.     Yeh?  The one with the new track? This new track?   Yeh? The new track with the measurements of peat depth along its length? Before you signed off this joint plan – you […]

Wuthering moors (60) – Calderdale losing track (2)

Following a widespread inability to find a planning application for half a track on the Calderdale planning portal – despite there being an application for the other half on the Pendle planning portal – I made my second phone call to Calderdale Council (01422 392237) and had a nice chat with another woman and then […]

Wuthering moors (59) – Calderdale losing track

It is still impossible to see the planning application made for a damaging track across blanket bog on the Walshaw Moor Estate on the Calderdale Council side of the boundary. Several others have tried and failed too.  We are told that the planning reference number is 18/40002/AGR but this fails to work when entered into […]