Saturday 3

I have a column in Wild Travel magazine which is a new magazine about travel and wildlife.  The second issue is now out and my column takes a look at the wonders of animal migration. Wild Travel comes out six times a year and is now priced at £3.99.  I bought my copy in WHSmith….

Saturday 2

You do know what day it is don’t you? Yesterday, in rural Bedfordshire, I was passing a field of unharvested beans, where the beans looked brown and crispy.  I saw a raptor flying low over the crop and I wondered whether it might just be a marsh harrier so I pulled over and had a…

Saturday 1

  It is widely expected that there will be a government reshuffle on Monday. It may take a while for the full details and impacts on junior Ministers to be revealed. Let us hope that this road sign which I saw in London last week is not a sign for the Parliamentary Under-Secretary at Defra….

Holiday journey – can you work it out?

From the end of July to the middle of August I was travelling.  You might say holidaying (but some of it might be tax-deductable).  Can you work out where I went from the clues below?  Funnily enough I went to lots of nature reserves and a few historic monuments.  It’s just for fun – maybe…

Give oceans real protection – everyone gains

More than two thirds of the Earth’s surface is ocean and yet we give it barely a thought, at least according to a recent poll by KnowSeas which shows that only a third of UK citizens are worried by ocean health whereas around 60% of Portuguese and Spaniards have the oceans on their minds.  Might…