Cheltenham preview

This blog is nothing to do with nature – it’s to do with the Cheltenham Festival which takes place in the Cotswolds next Tuesday-Friday.  And that’s where I will be next week – but, never fear, the blog will go on. No-one could seriously claim that which large brown horse, with a small man perched…

How is your vision?

I guess I think I am a wordsmith, and yet a picture really can tell a thousand words – or more! The 2020VISION project aims to inspire a wide audience with a compelling case for rebuilding and reconnecting fragmented habitats, not only for the benefit of the plants and animals that live there, but for…

In praise of Birdtrack

I am a great fan of Birdtrack.  I can see lots of value in the data that are accumulating there in terms of looking at future changes in bird distributions and numbers. But also it allows me to check changes at my local patch at Stanwick Lakes where I go scores of times each year….

Well done Zac!

Did you see Zac Goldsmith on Newsnight on Tuesday evening?  If not, have a look (about 16 minutes in) because he was very good. As Jeremy Paxman sat in front of an image of green countryside Allegra Stratton spilled the beans on what the Treasury is thinking on the planning the system (read it here)….

Cats and sparrowhawks among the pigeons

Gary Burgess posted a comment on this blog on 18 February on a rather old blog and I thought that few would notice what he had written and so I offered him the chance of a Guest Blog to air his views more prominently.  I’m really glad that Gary took up the offer but I…