World Birding TV launches

A new international internet birding magazine, World Birding TV, has just launched. Guess what? Episode 1 includes coverage of our campaign to ban driven grouse shooting and we get the chance to see and hear Amanda Anderson looking unconvinced and sounding unconvincing. Henry is filmed at the Bird Fair and a gamekeeper finds evidence of…

Inglorious Duncan Thomas of BASC

Duncan Thomas works for BASC – he is their North of England Director. His Twitter handle is @DuncanBASC. Mr Thomas will, I understand, be on Countryfile this evening talking about grouse shooting. Over the last year and a bit Mr Thomas has shown a rather persistent interest in my finances (nothing to see here!). In…

Why driven grouse shooting is doomed

I’m quite often asked whether I really want a ban on driven grouse shooting – I do! And then I’m sometimes told that ‘It’ll never happen’ and I say ‘It will’. This is why. Let’s start with the very obvious, but rarely stated, fact that driven grouse shooting is not essential. We don’t need it….

Prepare for the Inglorious 12th with a good read

‘A powerful indictment of the grouse-shooting industry‘ – The Guardian ‘No other book this year put the cat among the pigeons (or  rather, the game birds) like Avery’s impassioned investigation into driven grouse shooting and its impact on moorland ecology‘ – The Times ‘This book pulls no punches…This is a book you must read whether…

Paperback Inglorious published today.

Inglorious is available from all good bookstores and on Hen Harrier Day at Rainham, 6 August, from the RSPB shop (as is Chris Packham’s fantastic new book Fingers in the Sparkle Jar).     Likes(40)Dislikes(7)