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November 2015 was a good month for this blog with the fourth-highest number of page views (82882) and the sixth-highest number of unique users (18600). Compared with last November page views were 7.5% higher and unique users were 21% up. Likes(43)Dislikes(5)

Westminster Hall debate on lead ammunition

There will be a Westminster Hall debate on lead ammunition next Tuesday on 8 December from 1630-1730. Members of the public are welcome to attend. It might be a good idea to contact your MP ahead of this debate and tell her or him what you think about the issue. These debates are fairly low-key…

Two days last week

I drove to Rainham Marshes to meet a friend for lunch and birding – both were good. We saw a very attractive Marsh Harrier with a cream crown and there were Blackwits and Golden Plover, and Pintail and Shovelerand Cetti’s Warbler and Stonechat too. And we moaned about the government, and a little about the…

Single Pheasant costs United Utilities £25m

Correction: Hi Mark. Andy Carter here from the United Utilities press office. Did you see that the Times had apologised for getting this wrong (Mark – no I didn’t)? A dead pheasant in a pipe was one of the various rumours circulating during the time we had customers on a boil water notice in Lancashire….

Climate march in London today

Together we are powerful – that was the message that thousands of people sent to our politicians in London this afternoon – and others were sending the same message in other cities across the UK and across the world this weekend. How many of us were there? I don’t know. I’d guess 20,000-40,000 but maybe…