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Wuthering Moors 52

This is a map of Walshaw Moor which was used in the 2012 case against the estate which was mysteriously dropped by Natural England.  You can make out the purple areas, which are made up of lots of purple lines, which the key tells us are artificial watercourses. Many of these would be known to […]

Defra – a shameful department (2)

George Monbiot’s article in today’s Guardian reinforces the view that Defra has sunk to about as low as it can get. He points out that Defra announced the impacts of NOx pollution on human mortality and a consultation on how to fix it on the Saturday just before the media were swamped with the news […]

Wuthering Moors 51

email to Dr Mike Clarke, Chief Exec of the RSPB.   Dear Mike How are you getting on with your complaint to the EU over Defra’s handling of the Walshaw Moor case and its position on burning of blanket bogs in general? I have asked Defra how they are getting on but they have invoked […]

Wuthering Moors 50

Dear Defra   I am complaining about your response to a FoI request RFI 7667 on two grounds: the time taken to reply and the answer that I received. The time taken to reply. Your reply was short and contained no information that you needed to spend lots of time collecting and yet you took […]

Wuthering Moors 49

I asked Defra for an update on the ‘progress’ with the complaint by the RSPB against the UK government to the EU over burning of blanket bogs (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and Inglorious for more details) on 6 July. After the usual delay in replying I received what passes for […]