Less burning, not moor burning (2)

Here is the response to the email from the previous blog post: Sorry for the delay in my response. I have been getting some advice on the issue from our environmental health team. As you are well aware heather burning is a legal activity subject to the Heather and Grass (Burning) Regulations (as amended) 1987….

Wuthering Moors 83

The Walshaw Moor Estate has withdrawn its clearly flawed planning proposal for a new track across Walshaw Moor. This brings to an end the latest chapter of this long-running story in which this blog has played its part. And this article in the local Burnley Express shows moorland monitors visiting Walshaw Moor.

Wuthering moors 81 – some more detail

This blog looks in a bit more detail at the volte face that Natural England has been forced to make as a result of my (our) legal challenge. A bit later today I will take a broader view of what Natural England needs to do to regain some credibility and public confidence. Although the letters…

Wuthering moors 80 – another, even greater, victory!

Back in May we won a significant victory against Natural England’s decision to sign an agreement with the Walshaw Moor Estate which included a new track across the protected landscape of the moor. You may think that was the end of it but no, we’ve been nagging away at NE for the last few months…

Wuthering Moors 79 – are these some new grouse butts?

Photo: taken on 31 December 2018 I hear that there is a lot of activity on Walshaw Moor these days – and also these nights. Locals have heard that there are some more grouse butts going in to the moor. No doubt Natural England would be aware and would have consented this activity if it…