Hi!  This is the place to get in touch with me, find out what I am writing about, hire me for speaking engagements or ask me to work for you.

I’m open to any ideas for work provided it means standing up for nature.  I enjoy working with like-minded people who are trying to make the world a better place and against those whose aims will diminish the natural beauty around us.

My favourite quotation is that attributed to Edmund Burke – the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing.

What might I do for you?

- writing (opinion pieces, guest blogs, articles on the natural world, articles on the politics that influence nature, book reviews)

- speaking (I’ll come and talk to your conference, meeting or group)

- hire me as a ‘Reverse Intern’.  Interns usually don’t know too much about your business and really want a permanent job – but they are cheap.  I know a lot about the environment, the organisations and individuals who influence it, I don’t want a permanent job at the moment and I am good value for money.  I could help your organisation with its strategy development, management, lobbying, social media work, publicity and a range of other issues.

To suggest ideas or find out more then get in touch – email me at mark@markavery.info.





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