This blog has published nearly 7,000 posts in over nine years. As is the nature with blogs, some of those posts are ephemeral and no longer of interest to anyone and are best left sitting deep in the blogroll. But I’d like to think that some of the posts here are of lasting value, and some series of posts on particular subjects certainly are.

So this page provides a portal to collated series of posts published here over time.


Guest blogs – an annotated list of blogs contributed by others, ordered alphabetically by author (some content, nowhere near complete)

A break from humanity – by Ian Carter – a series of 13 Guest Blogs posted here and now brought together in one place (complete).

Banning driven grouse shooting – this will be a big task and I have, so far, not had the time to do the work to set this up (nothing to see yet)

Catfield Fenup and running

Lead shot – this is a selective list of blogs on the subject of banning lead ammunition (nothing to see yet)

USA road trip 2011complete.

USA road trip 2013complete.

Wild Food – a series of posts written by Ian Carter on foraging for food (complete)

Wuthering Moors – a series of over 80 blogs about the grouse moor at Walshaw Moor and the issues that have arisen because of its management (work in progress some content already loaded)