An unresponsive MP

So far I have had no response from my MP to my letter to him of a month ago – see here. This is very disappointing and I hope it doesn’t mean that Mr Pursglove has a more sizable majority he is going to ignore his constituents… Likes(10)Dislikes(0)

February Birdwatch (2)

There is even more in the latest issue of Birdwatch than I let on earlier. There’s an excellent article by Dominic Mitchell on revisiting a former local patch of his which is strong evidence for my contention (oft broken, I admit) that one should never go back to a place where one loved the wildlife…

Out of print

You’ll find some copies in bookshops, and certainly on websites, but my publisher, Bloomsbury, cannot supply you with a copy of Inglorious any more. Inglorious has left the building! Likes(19)Dislikes(1)

February Birdwatch (1)

There’s a cute owl on the cover of the latest Birdwatch magazine and a cute Bill Oddie too. What’s not to like? But lest you think you can just gawp at the cover in your local newsagent shop then let me tell you it’s worth sitting down with a mug of tea and some Digestive…


It’s that time of year when authors are told whether they have earned any money from the Public Lending Right system. If any libraries have your books on their shelves, and if anyone borrows them (as judged by a sample of libraries) then you get some dosh, at the rate now of 9p/loan. My books…