Approximately monthly I send out an email ‘newsblast’ to over 4000 subscribers.

This is where you can subscribe (it’s free).  You won’t be bombarded with emails – although I say it is monthly it usually works out at fewer than ten a year.  Sometimes successive newsblasts come closer spaced than a month, but over a year, your inbox isn’t going to be clogged up with newsblasts from me. And anyway, you can unsubscribe at any time.

What will you get? It varies: information about wildlife, about books on wildlife and about campaigns that I support.

Here’s the very simple form to subscribe.

NB: Some, not many but some, are finding that the form does not work for them. If that includes you then please email me ( and I will enter your email manually – you will still have the opportunity to confirm your free subscription (or not) when the confirmation email arrives with you.