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Heather burning and health

I definitely wasn’t awake at this time so I am grateful to a reader of this blog for pointing me in this direction. On Radio 5 Up All Night on Thursday 30 March at 2hr 21min 19 secs into the programme, there was a discussion about the smoke from heather burning and its potential health […]

The RSPB on driven grouse shooting

Martin Harper has penned (or keyboarded) an interesting BB eye in this month’s British Birds magazine.  It is entitled ‘Why it is in the driven grouse industry’s interest to clean up its own act’ and it rehearses the long list of ills with intensive management of driven grouse moors with which so many of us […]

An article by me in British Birds

British Birds kindly asked me to write one of their guest editorials and Driven grouse shooting – where next? has recently been published on their website. Likes(32)Dislikes(4)

Last day to support this thunderclap

Birder, ringer, blogger and campaigner Findlay Wilde set up this thunderclap which will spread its message tomorrow. A thunderclap is a social media tool that spreads messages. If you are on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr and you sign up to Findlay’s thunderclap then at 11am on 21 March all your social media contacts will be […]

EPIC FAIL 4 – the scale of the fail

We (because I am sure that you, dear reader, signed the e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting) have been luxuriating in the glow of the size of support for our e-petition to ban driven grouse shooting for a few months but now that the ‘rival’ e-petition in support of grouse shooting has closed, on a […]