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Let them eat grice! with a side order of lead.

I am grateful to a non-reader of this blog, my mum, for pointing out this joke article in the i newspaper. Patrick Galbraith thinks that Pheasants are the solution to food poverty – and that grouse could play their part too.  This follows his witty article on fox hunting being the most egalitarian sport, much […]

The July Birdwatch magazine

  The July Birdwatch magazine is now in the shops. My column is about lead ammunition and how Liz Truss’s last action as Environment Secretary was to slip out the government’s response to the lead ammunition report at the very moment that David Cameron was leaving Downing Street. Elsewhere in the magazine is an article […]

Thank you M&S – that was quick!

Well, that was quick.   Well done M&S!    

Giving up lead ammo – an American hunter writes…

I’m not sure why this type of thing is not commoner in the UK – try reading this article by a hunter from the USA.

Vultures and lead

A new study from Spain, the stronghold of the European Griffon Vulture population, shows that blood lead levels are higher in vultures living in areas with high lead soil levels but also in areas with high lead ammunition use for game shooting. Nearly half of the vultures had elevated lead levels, a little under 5% […]