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Giving up lead ammo – an American hunter writes…

I’m not sure why this type of thing is not commoner in the UK – try reading this article by a hunter from the USA. Likes(42)Dislikes(5)

Vultures and lead

A new study from Spain, the stronghold of the European Griffon Vulture population, shows that blood lead levels are higher in vultures living in areas with high lead soil levels but also in areas with high lead ammunition use for game shooting. Nearly half of the vultures had elevated lead levels, a little under 5% […]

Fizz! Cheers M&S!!

Well, sometimes you need to celebrate, don’t you. And although I would normally go up market from this I did want to spend my money with M&S to mark their sensible change of mind over selling grouse meat in their stores this year. Although M&S do sell champagne in their stores, my local outlet doesn’t […]

Lead duck paper now free to view

Remember that science showing a link between ingested lead levels and population level impacts in wildfowl that Defra knew about but which Liz Truss ignored in her response to the Lead Ammunition Group report?  If not see Truss misleads over waterfowl science 14 July, The  science about which Truss misled us 20 July and Truss […]

Flock back to M&S, grouse over

M&S will not stock grouse meat this year. Phew! I’ve been missing shopping in M&S. I may buy a bottle of their champagne to celebrate. In a statement posted on their corporate blog M&S say that they will not stock grouse because there aren’t enough of them on the estate which they intend to use […]