Not a book review – just some homework



Findlay Wilde writes a blog too – it’s very good.



This is Findlay’s Music homework – what a star! Click here.


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  1. Bob Philpott says:

    That young man is going far!!

  2. Derek Moore says:

    What an amazing young man - so who says some kids are not connecting with nature. As Bob says if he keeps this up we will hear more of him in years to come.

  3. KtJ says:

    Anybody got Patterson's email address as he really needs to see this? Well done Findlay!

  4. Well done Mark and well done Findlay, makes some of the comments us adults trade look pathetic.

  5. Thanks , Mark, for promoting this. I've put a message on Findlay's Blog which I hope supports his endeavours. He's a beacon of hope for the future in many ways!! I hope that all the people who signed Brian May's e-petition get to see this and , in the face of being ignored by this inept Government, take some succour from it.

  6. John McAree says:

    the lad gives us hope for the future- hauntingly effective music and imagery. It will make no difference to the NFU, but if Joe Public could get to see this, to counteract the propaganda machine, it'd help us fight back.


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