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Bird Fair 2017 – Day 1 in the bag

Day 1 of the Bird Fair just flew past – and much of it went more or less to plan. Gave away my spare 3-day ticket (with the plea that the recipient spent some money on the BAWC stand) TICK! Queued in the car but not at the gate – excellent! TICK!! Found Ruth Miller […]

Bird Fair 2017 – Day 1

  Here we go –  Day 1 Weather forecast – could get a bit blowy and maybe wet towards very end of day (glad I’m not camping – and best of luck to those who are). Plan for the day – although it will not necessarily happen… 0900 or soon after.  Stand in queue even […]

Rattled of Peak District

An everyday story of shooting folk? Some fell-runners were enjoying a run around part of the Dark Peak one day in the middle of last week. When they returned to the Strines Inn a gamekeeper who identified himself as being from a particular shooting estate approached the runners in the pub car park. The gamekeeper […]

Response from NE on Bowland gull cull

      Well! I suppose I might accept their answer to the first question – I don’t want adversely to affect the course of justice, do I?  But either NE have or haven’t given a consent… As far as the second answer is concerned (in the course of completion) – I don’t really believe […]

Barred Grass Snake by Tim Melling

  Tim writes: I’m sure that many of you will have seen the surprising news announced recently that Britain has a new species of snake; Barred Grass Snake (Natrix helvetica).  Without exception, every media source announced that this was an additional species for Britain, bringing the total to four (Barred Grass Snake, Grass Snake, Smooth […]