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Paul Leyland – Tawny Mining Bee

Paul writes: This is one of my favourite bees, mainly because it’s one of the first solitary bees to emerge in Spring. This is a freshly emerged female and is wonderfully striking with its rich orange fur and dark black legs. Its common name is the Tawny Mining Bee. It’s very easily spotted in late […]

Tim Melling – White-capped Water Redstart

Tim writes: This will be a familiar bird to anyone who has spent time near a river in SE Asia.  They are noisy, bold, and very photogenic.  They were once placed in a genus (Chaimarrornis) but molecular studies have shown it is definitely a typical redstart, in the same genus as our two  British species.  […]

An Unreliable History of Birdwatching (49) by Paul Thomas

Due to circumstances beyond Paul’s control he was not able to add the usual header this week – but I guess you can all live without it, can’t you?   Just a teaser, Paul has provided a cracking cartoon for a series of blogs which will appear here next week. Likes(20)Dislikes(8)

Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill

Ralph writes ‘This toon is from the Framing Nature Toolkit to be launched on the 28th of March. You can buy a hard copy or download it for free here.‘.       Likes(21)Dislikes(5)

Birding in the Cotswolds

As well as meeting lots of friends, drinking lots of red wine, eating lots of fantastic food and watching horses running around in circles, I did some birding this week. The drive from near Oxford to the racecourse produced the first transect when Red Kite numbers from the car equalled Buzzards – and the Red […]