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Paul Leyland – Leopard Moth

Paul writes: I found this moth in my garden last week. I had run a moth trap overnight and next morning found this one nearby. It must have been attracted to the light and then settled down to rest up for the day. It’s a stunning moth and instantly recognisable with the black spots on […]

Review: Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

I visited the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition on Thursday. A friend had gone the day before and that nudged me towards going, and a meeting had to be postponed due to a domestic concern of the other party so I had the motive and the opportunity – and the means was a fairly reasonable £16. […]

Tim Melling – Bluethroat

I think that Bluethroat is Europe’s most beautiful songbird. The throat looks  colourful enough to be a Christmas tree decoration and the copper triangles on its tail sides are exquisite.  Its scientific name Luscinia svecica translates as Swedish Nightingale and it was in northern Sweden where I photographed this stunning male.  There are two main […]

Does it work for you?

There’s a little box next to this blog which allows you to enter your email address and you will be sent an email each time a blog is posted here.  Except, several of you have now told me that it isn’t working very well. And now you’ve pointed it out, I’ve noticed it isn’t working […]

Gordon Yates – Long-eared Owls

Gordon writes: Long Eared Owls are the most nocturnal of all our Owls and seldom hunt in daylight. There are only a couple of weeks, at this time of year, when the adults are forced to hunt in daylight to feed their fledged young. Last week I was privileged enough to photograph a pair of […]