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Saturday cartoon by Ralph Underhill


Walk out

I haven’t written much about the Raptor Persecution Priority Delivery Group because it has largely been a waste of space for years. There have been strong signs from the new Chair, Supt Nick Lyall, that he wanted the group to be more effective in tackling wildlife crime. On Wednesday the group had its first meeting […]

EDM #1963 gains more supporters

This EDM has acquired 13 signatures now. See Caroline Lucas’s Guest Blog on this site earlier this week – click here. Write to your MP asking them to add their name – like I did here. Here are the 13 MPs who have added their names, including the first Tory – unsurprisingly that is Zac […]

News from the NGOs

RSPB: RSPB is going through a big reorganisation and cost-cutting exercise. Something like 300 staff will be going (from c2000 altogether). The English regions will shrink from five to three with the North England Region being largely untouched (as far as boundaries are concerned) except for losing Derbyshire to the new Mid-England Region). East Anglia […]

Icelandic whaling

A Minke Whale steak. This report in Icelandreview, of a report on the economics of whaling in Iceland (see account in Icelandic here), suggests that the hunting of whales for their meat is of net economic benefit to the Icelandic economy and that it is not putting off whale-watching tourists. The latter suggestion is difficult […]