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Thank you

Thank you for your comments. This blog started in April 2011 and this week we passed the 50,000 comments milestone.   Likes(20)Dislikes(0)

It is a Big Issue

I often stop for Big Issue sellers, but I rarely take away the magazine – after they have given me change and the magazine I usually give them both back. But that’s why I missed these excellent words from Ali Schofield in mid-September (in a larger (very good) article mostly about badgers). ‘It’s not the […]

Junk from the Guardian

Consider which you would consider as five of the best UK birdwatching sites. It would be tricky to name your top five but I wonder whether the five sites picked out by Rachel Dixon in the Guardian would get in your top 100? 200?  I guess every five are ‘five of the best’ in a […]

I’ve been short-listed

This is quite a surprise and a nice one too. I’ve been short-listed by ‘The Great Outdoors‘ as a campaigner of the year.  That’s very nice of them, and a treat just to be mentioned. Looking at the lists was an education – I don’t know many names but I think I’ll be voting for […]

A good evening with BTO & SWLA

I missed last year’s BTO evening with the SWLA so I was glad to make this one. Always a good evening with an interesting mixture of people. The Mall Galleries is a pretty good setting for an event and it was filled on Wednesday evening. I’m sure the artwork was superb but I hardly saw […]