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Pole trap on Brewlands Estate, Scotland.  RSPB’s Birdcrime report reveals 68 confirmed incidents of bird of prey persecution in the UK during 2017, but many illegal killings are going undetected or unreported. Incidents occurred in all 4 UK countries with England having the highest number of confirmed incidents The RSPB believes the introduction of a […]

Have you heard the one about…?

Have you heard the one about the three conservationists in the station waiting room? This, I am assured, is a true story which played out in the distant north of England early on Saturday morning.  Man1: Are you going to London?Man2: (with 2 excited children): Yes, I work for the RSPBMan1: ah, I work for […]

Guest blog – NE, Badgers and Judgement by Dominic Woodfield

Dominic Woodfield is the Managing Director of Bioscan, a long established and well respected consultancy specialising in applied ecology. He is a life-long birder, a specialist in botany, habitat restoration and creation and in protected fauna including bats, herpetofauna and other species. He is also a highly experienced practitioner in Environmental Impact Assessment and Habitats […]

Paul Leyland – The Long Hoverfly

The English name for this hoverfly describes it perfectly. Although the fly is only small, 10mm, the long thin body is instantly recognisable. The fly’s Latin name is Sphaerophoria scripta, which probably explains why it needs an easy English name. It’s a Latin name that is easily remembered in print but one I’ve never heard […]

Sunday book review – Why Do Birds Suddenly Disappear? by Lev Parikian

I’m not keen on the cover of this book and I’m not that keen on its title, but I really enjoyed the  story. A middle-aged lapsed birdwatcher takes up the hobby again and tries hard to see 200 species in a calendar year while also being a freelance conductor (of music).  Does he succeed?  I […]