It’s not published yet but…


I’ve been getting ‘phone calls and emails from friends, and from people I don’t know well, telling me that they have enjoyed reading Inglorious – conflict in the uplands, even though it isn’t officially published until Thursday – that’s 30 July.

The earliest copy that I know to have been bought from a bookshop was in mid July!


There are several very kind reviews already out and published and a podcast with Charlie Moores:

Review of Inglorious by Rare Bird Alert

Review of Inglorious by Raptor Persecution Scotland

Review of Inglorious by Birdguides

Podcast of interview with Charlie Moores about Inglorious and other related matters.

Extract from Inglorious in Birdwatch magazine (and a readers’ offer for buying the book).


I expect to see plenty of less complimentary reviews and comments over the days and weeks ahead but when you write a controversial book then you have to expect that, I guess.


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  1. I fully support the rigorous protection of our raptors & their environments & I look forward to reading this book.

  2. Is this a book a year now Mark? Just as well I am just having a new bookcase built!

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