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An end to grouse shooting on Ilkley Moor

Bradford Council Labour group voted overwhelmingly last night not to renew the grouse-shooting lease on Ilkley Moor. Result! The Labour group (48 councillors) holds a majority on the Council (89 councillors in all) and the move to end grouse shooting is also supported by the LibDems (10 councillors) and Greens (3 councillors).  This makes it […]

Press release

Press release by Ban Bloodsports on Ilkley Moor On the eve of a key decision which could spell the end for grouse shooting on Yorkshire’s iconic beauty spot Ilkley Moor, Naz Shah MP (Bradford West) has joined some of the region’s most prominent politicians in giving her backing to ending the practice on Ilkley Moor. […]

NEWS: National Trust and grouse shooting in the Peak District

The National Trust is moving towards a new future on grouse shooting on their land in the Dark Peak of the Peak District National Park – although it’s a rather complicated one. For new readers, the National Trust, a conservation charity, is parting company with its shooting tenant in the Peak District due to what […]

Quite interesting – but not very meaningful

This article by the Countryside Alliance is quite interesting but not very convincing.   The CA says that it believes that the most pressing issue for shooting is to self-regulate.  I think that we can take that to mean that they are scared of anyone else regulating them – and so they should be because […]

Telegraph gets ‘exclusive’ by reading month-old blog

The Daily Telegraph today. Findlay Wilde’s blog of 4 December.   Well done Findlay! You have made it to ‘activist’ in the national press – only a couple of steps to go to get to ‘eco-zealot’. An unnamed MP – what odds would you give that it was Simon Hart (ex chief exec and well-paid […]