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National Trust members vote to keep trail hunting

At Saturday’s NT AGM there was a very close vote which led to the members’ resolution to end trail hunting being rejected by 30,985 votes to 30,686 votes – my vote was in the losing category. That’s very close – but I am getting used to being on just the wrong side of close votes. […]

Hawk and Owl Trust – don’t mention the Hen Harrier!

Rather bizarrely, the Hawk and Owl Trust does not mention the Hen Harrier in its Annual Report covering the period April 2016 – March 2017. Surely one of the H&OT’s project was, and still is, one of satellite-tagging Hen Harriers – didn’t they satellite tag two Hen Harriers at Langholm in the summer of 2016?  […]

Natural England EIR request – Hen Harrier data

Dear Natural England In 2008 Natural England published an excellent, interim, report on its Hen Harrier study entitled ‘A future for the Hen Harrier in England?‘. In that report you state that ‘In three incidents nests had been destroyed by illegal burning‘.  Please tell me: In which county/ies did these incidents occur? Were these incidents […]

Natural England EIR request – Hen Harrier Mick

Dear Natural England, You issued a press release about a Hen Harrier called Mick on 7 February 2017 in which you stated that Mick’s disappearance had been reported to the North Yorkshire Police.  Your director, Rob Cooke, said ‘The disappearance of a hen harrier is deeply concerning to all who appreciate these rare and impressive […]

Upside down and inside out.

Yesterday evening the BBC regional programme Inside Out for the East Midlands and Yorkshire featured a very good piece on driven grouse shooting.  Well done them!  Here is the link and the piece is the first one after the general introductions. You’ll hear some familiar voices and see some familiar faces: Tim Birch from Derbyshire […]