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Ah! I see…

I have spent quite a lot of time, some of it in pubs, talking about what would be the legal repercussions of walking through a grouse shoot which is in process. It seems that there aren’t any – at least that’s what I understand from this response from Natural England’s Open Access Contact Centre;   […]

Grouse shooters’ survey

You may remember that last year the likes of Ian Botham and the not-so-talented Viscount Ridley were using an unpublished ‘survey’ to prop up their view that grouse shooting is great for wildlife.  At the time, Matt Ridley refused to disclose the data on which he based his claim with ‘It was a privately commissioned […]

Marsh Harriers on Denton Moor

You may remember this video released by the RSPB last week … …and the RSPB blog on the case. Denton Moor is in the Nidderdale AONB and the relevant part of the moor is owned by the prestigious engineering firm NG Bailey.  They commented to me as follows;   RSPB/Marsh harrier incident on Denton Moor […]

Grouse shooters – your time is running out

Patrick Barkham in the Guardian today. ‘Grouse shooting has survived so far because big landowners can ignore sea changes in public opinion. But politicians cannot.‘ ‘As grouse shooting becomes socially toxic, businesses will also shy away. And the lavish subsidies pocketed by grouse moor owners will vanish with Brexit.’   …and more. Please read it […]

It’s been a really bad few days for the grouse shooters (9)

Yes, it’s been a really bad few days for the grouse shooters Bad days (1), Bad days (2), Bad days (3), Bad days (4), Bad days (5), Bad days (6), Bad days (7), Bad days (8). And added to all that, there were the recent results of the 2016 Hen Harrier survey which showed a further […]