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Aalin disappears in Wales

Another missing Hen Harrier.  Read what the RSPB says about it here. A bird from the Isle of Man which lived for nearly two years, and whose tag worked for nearly two years as she travelled widely in the Isle of Man, northern England, Shropshire and north Wales but failed (quite a while ago, 7 […]

Yorkshire Dales NP takes the high ground on raptor persecution

There have been previous signs that the Yorkshire Dales National Park is ashamed of its deserved reputation as being a raptor persecution hotspot – and wants to do what it can to highlight the issue and move people towards a solution.  This is in stark contrast with the inspid response of the Peak District National […]


The results of the 2014 Peregrine survey are now published (not very quickly). It’s good to see the detail although the overview results have been available for quite a while.  Peregrines have done well in the lowlands and badly in the uplands. We already know (since 2011) at an even finer grain, for northern England, […]

Marc’d down on Wemmergill

The news (RSPB blog, RPUK blog) of yet another disappeared Hen Harrier from the cohort of 2017 youngsters is not a great surprise. There aren’t that many left! But the location is interesting – Wemmergill Moor.  Wemmergill Moor is a big-name grouse moor.  Until 2006, this moor, of 17,000 acres had been in the same […]

An eagle called Fred

  Press release: Golden eagle persecution 7 miles from Scotland’s Parliament? A young satellite-tagged golden eagle has disappeared in highly suspicious circumstances in the Pentland Hills, just seven miles from the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh. The eagle had hatched at a nest site in the Scottish Borders in 2017 and last June, in cooperation […]