Sunday book review – Tickets for The Ark by Rebecca Nesbit

I think this is a good book and it ranges rather more widely than its extended title might suggest. The author picks up many issues connected with how we do nature conservation and why we do it in the way that we do. Much of the book is about values, and about the choices that are inevitable in a world where wildlife is so widely in decline.

Sparing or sharing? Sites for wildlife that exclude people (except rich tourists) or not? Are we aiming for pristine – and if so, are we ever going to get it? This cute species or that important species? The book wanders well through the issues, and across the globe to examine them in a serious but far from dull way. The book is written in an informal and accessible way, but it sticks to facts and real issues in my view. It’s a very good read.

The cover? It’s crisp and clear, and actually makes a little more sense as one reads the book. I’d give it 7/10.

Tickets for The Ark: from wasps to whales – how do we choose what to save by Rebecca Nesbit is published by Profile Books.