Sunday book review – Two Lights by James Roberts


This book is beautifully written and for that reason I recommend that you read it.

Now, to describe what it is about is a bit difficult. It’s certainly about places scattered across the world, including Wales, and it certainly has a lot of wildlife scattered through its pages but this book is about much more too. It is of course about how the author feels about places and their wildlife, and he is such a good writer that that is plenty to make a very good book.

The first chapter, Chasing the Dawn, is wonderful and skips around the world as dusk and dawn move across the globe. It’s heady stuff. I was struck by how many bird species were mentioned, mostly in passing but in very fitting ways – and to indicate the scope of the journey we encounter Golden Eagles, Tufted Puffins, Wrens, Blackbirds, Crested Larks, White-backed Vultures, Rock Ptarmigan, Red-legged Kittiwakes, and many many more.

A later chapter,  The Lion, The Wolf and The Curlew, describes close encounters and historical perspectives of all three species.  I think that was my favourite chapter.  The impact of the sound of a Lion beyond the light of a camp fire was very memorable.

Thoughtful, gripping and calmly stimulating.

The cover? I can see that choosing a cover for this book would be difficult, but I prefer the back to the front and so I’ll give this just  5/10. Never have a swan on your book cover, I say!  But some of the author’s artwork through the book is exquisite.

Two Lights: walking through landscapes of loss and life by James Roberts is published by September Publishing



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