Bird flu update – another Buzzard

Following last week’s update on bird flu cases in ‘wild’ birds, there has been another case, in another Buzzard in Suffolk. So it looks as though the bird flu virus has been isolated from five dead Buzzards in the same location in Suffolk which might be the same location that a Goshawk tested positive too….

Bird flu – update with some interesting developments

I’m grateful to Miles King’s Twitter feed (@MilesKing10) for pointing me in this direction – although it was on (although  quite a long way down) my to-do list anyway. I’ve updated you on the cases reported by Defra of bird flu in ‘wild’ birds over the last few years, and several times this winter  (most…

Bird flu – more cases

Yesterday Defra updated the information on cases of avian flu in ‘wild’ birds in the UK.  Bird flu has now been detected in a range of species in a range of counties as follows: I have some doubts about the value of the Defra and EU testing of ‘wild’ birds – see here and here….

Bird flu – which birds (2)?

This blog follows on from an earlier post today. I’m interested, mainly because I am interested in birds, but also because I am interested in ecology, and also because I have reason to be interested in the impacts of avian flu on poultry keepers, in how commercial poultry flocks get avian influenza and the role…