Burning questions in Parliament, again

The Government has always been clear on the need to phase out burning of protected blanket bog to conserve these vulnerable habitats, and we are looking at how legislation could achieve this. https://www.parliament.uk/business/publications/written-questions-answers-statements/written-question/Commons/2020-02-24/19781/ Likes(10)Dislikes(3)

Moorland Association demands payment

The following is an extract from the Moorland Association response to a DEFRA consultation on burning of blanket bogs, peatlands and heather moors. Payments, payments, grants, payments, payments… What does the Moorland Association want? It’s pretty clear – they want either to be left alone to damage priority habitats as they have done for decades…

The RSPB and game shooting

Saturday’s welcome announcement from the RSPB that they are reviewing their position over game shooting is just that – welcome. None of us yet knows what that review will look like nor what, if anything, the RSPB has in mind might change; but we can guess. First, you don’t announce a review if your attention…

Burning continues

Strines Moor on Monday. Walshaw Moor on Monday From Upper Midhope looking across to Shaw Brook and Fenny Common, Peak District on Monday. Walshaw Moor on Tuesday Likes(41)Dislikes(0)