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Guest blog – Reclaiming the name by Ian Parsons

Reclaiming the Name One of my favourite places in Britain is the north of Dartmoor, it has a wild and rugged appeal and, more often than not, a lack of people, although this might have something to do with the artillery ranges… Something happened up there recently, as I walked along the ridges overlooking the […]

Guest blog series, A Break from Humanity (7) by Ian Carter.

Continued from last Saturday My potential destination for a spell of immersion in nature was, inevitably, chosen from the comfort of an armchair, aided by implausible online images of sun-drenched, white-sand beaches, and idyllic descriptions. The obvious next step, before launching headlong into the unknown, was a dose of realism. I needed to go there […]

Guest blog – Progress in the Peak by Bob Berzins

Bob writes: I have a life long passion for the outdoors through rock climbing and fell running. A cancer scare in my thirties made me appreciate many things I simply hadn’t noticed before, from the smallest plants to the gap in the sky from a missing raptor. It’s all worth fighting for and that’s what […]

Guest blog – Lynx and young people by Chris Baker

Chris began teaching science in London ten years ago and has since worked at British international schools in Vietnam and China. He is currently Head of Science at the British School of Bucharest.  He has written two previous guest blogs here; Natural History GCSE – still a bad idea, 8 November 2018; Natural History in […]

Guest blog series, A Break from Humanity (6) by Ian Carter.

Continued from Monday My interest in wildlife is all-pervading. It’s something I’m aware of, or at least alert to, all the time. I’d describe it as a mindset or a way of life rather than a hobby. And yet I felt it was gradually being eroded, despite a concerted effort over the past two years […]