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Guest blog – Why Flies? by Erica McCalister

Dr Erica McAlister is the Senior Curator of Flies and Fleas at the Natural History Museum, London, where she works mostly with the larger Brachyceran flies (Robber Flies and Bee Flies) and Mosquitoes. She is on the Dipterists Forum Committee and the President of the Amateur Entomology Society and the author of The Secret Life […]

Guest blog – Toad Rage 3 by Paul Sterry

This blog by Dr Paul Sterry follows two earlier ones; Toad Rage and Toad Rage 2. Paul Sterry has an academic background in freshwater biology and is a passionate conservationist. He has been writing about natural history and photographing wildlife for the last 40 years, with an emphasis on the British scene. One way or […]

Guest blog – Forestry Commission response on hunting by Ian Gambles

Ian Gambles is the Acting Chief Executive Officer of Forest Enterprise England. Forestry Commission response to Jack Riggall’s guest blog Jack Riggall raises some very important points in his guest blog and I feel it is important to separate them and be clear about who has responsibility for what. Basically, if anyone has evidence of […]

Guest blog – UK guardians of animal welfare by Alick Simmons

Alick Simmons is a veterinarian, naturalist and photographer.  After a period in private practice, he followed a 35-year career as a Government veterinarian, latterly as the UK Government’s Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer. Alick’s lifelong passion is wildlife; he volunteers for the RSPB and NE in Somerset, is chair of the Universities Federation for Animal Welfare, […]

Guest blog – Toad Rage 2 by Paul Sterry

This guest blog is an update to last week’s blog about carnage on a Hampshire road as passing cars kill passing toads, frogs and newts. The rescue team at work: counting amphibia and moving them to safety. Photo: Rob Read – Nature Photographers Ltd. In Hampshire, the run of mainly dry and chilly evenings continued […]