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Waitrose – still rather pathetic!

It seems that Waitrose is moving very, very slowly to change its misleading health warning on the game meat that it has been selling for weeks and weeks in its stores. I say ‘it seems’ because I received this response on Wednesday … Dear Dr Avery Thanks for your patience while I looked into this […]

A letter to my MP

Brexit and EDM1963 Dear Mr Pursglove I see you voted against the government’s Brexit deal yesterday evening. I assume that you will be voting against the No Confidence motion today. I think you will be on the winning side again. But just for the record, your views on Brexit and mine are poles apart. I […]

Guest blog – Ban Lead Ammunition by Caroline Lucas MP

Lead is a highly toxic substance. It poses huge risks to human and animal health. That’s why it has been banned from petrol, paints, and various household items in many countries across the world, including in the UK. There is however still a glaring omission in these prohibitions: lead is still widely used in ammunition […]

Waitrose you are rubbish!

I wrote to Waitrose on 26 November and they haven’t been able to come up with a response in all that time – just this … Dear Dr Avery Please accept my apologies on my behalf my colleague for incorrectly addressing you.  I’ve asked our technical team if they have anything further to add and […]

Waitrose lack of response

Email sent to Waitrose early this morning. It’s Dr Avery not Mr Avery. I first contacted you about this matter on 26 November – I have not had any substantive response except that you are thinking about it.  I know I am not alone in having contacted you. You have been ‘thinking about it’ for […]