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University of Cape Town press release

  BIG GAME HUNTERS IN AFRICA URGED TO DROP THE LEAD TO HELP SAVE VULTURES! Lead bullet fragments in carcasses left by hunters are poisoning endangered African vultures, a new study has found. A third of all vultures caught and tested in the Botswana study showed elevated levels of lead in their blood, most likely […]

Just for completeness

Here is the email chain, or most of it, that prompted this sensible briefing from Forest Enterprise England on their decision to use non-toxic ammunition on their land for the culling of deer and wild boar. It’s not very interesting really but you can see that this blog is read by people other than your […]


‘There is a widespread consensus now that there is no safe level [of lead]’ BBC Radio 4: In their element – lead listen again here. The striking thing is the passage where the point is made that as techniques have improved it has become possible to demonstrate that lower and lower amounts of lead still […]

Quite interesting – but not very meaningful

This article by the Countryside Alliance is quite interesting but not very convincing.   The CA says that it believes that the most pressing issue for shooting is to self-regulate.  I think that we can take that to mean that they are scared of anyone else regulating them – and so they should be because […]

Guest blog by Anonymous

Dear Dr. Avery While it is undoubtedly the case that lead is a “bad thing” in general I have one good example of where the removal of significant amounts of lead from the environment has led to some very unwelcome environmental harm locally. For several years now, following the purchase of our home here in […]