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OLDs at West Pennine Moors SSSI

The long story of protecting the West Pennine Moors as an SSSI has come to its administrative climax with the publication of the legal documents following an NE Board meeting in July. Because new SSSIs aren’t that common, and new upland ones certainly aren’t, I actually glanced through the document with some interest, when my […]

Letter to my MP

Dear Mr Pursglove Thank you for your response to my earlier letters, and I have just received the response from Chris Skidmore MP, Cabinet Office, on the Lobbying Act. But before I comment briefly on those responses, and return to another issue, may I congratulate you on your appointment as PPS to Dr Liam Fox […]

US hunters – way ahead of ours!

A bit more reading for Fareshare and Ian Botham (see earlier blog post). The antisocial nature of shooting a poisonous element into food – especially food that you give away to poor people – has long been recognised by US hunters who, dare I say it, do not always appear to be the most flexible […]

Fareshare – have you done due diligence on game meat?

Following Ian Botham’s car crash radio interview yesterday it is worth considering the whole business of donating shot game to the poor and needy.  Sounds like a good idea but things are often more complicated than they seem. We can learn from US experience. The Country Food Trust is donating meals containing shot game to […]

Thousands more to eat lead-shot game

The Food Teachers Centre has a lot to learn! GCSE students will be taught how to serve up meat containing high levels of lead thanks to the naivety of teachers and the lack of responsibility of the shooting ‘industry’. Shooters are being encouraged by Taste of Game to donate shot game to schools – in […]