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Wuthering Moors 38 – some more photos

Rumour has it that NE and Defra are both in a tizzy over a few photographs of moorlands on this blog. So, let’s have some more of them. These are all, I’m told (as I have never been there myself) from Walshaw Moor. To check the grid references use this link.         …

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Wuthering Moors 37 – if you go up on the moors today, you’re in for a big surprise


Wuthering Moors 36 – FoI/EIR to NE on Appropriate Assessments for Walshaw Moor

Dear Natural England This is a request under the EI Regs and/or Freedom of Information Act.  It is a simple request for copies of three documents.  It is not a difficult request to fulfill.  Please send me the information within 10 working days of this request, ie by 20 September 2013. This request refers to …

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Wuthering Moors 35 – response to Defra’s case

Here are a few points on Defra’s response to the RSPB’s complaint to the EU Commission in the Walshaw Moor affair (see blog of 12 noon today). 1. Five tracks, five car parks, two ponds dug out of the peat, earthworks? 2.  Some of the alleged damage may not ultimately be restored. 3. NE has …

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Wuthering Moors 34 – the Defra response to the EU Commission

Further to this morning’s post, here is the information levered out of Defra on their response to the EU Commission regarding the RSPB complaint to the EU over the Walshaw Moor affair and its implications. WMEL below refers to the Walshaw Moor Estate Limited. I will post my early thoughts on this, here, at 1500 …

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Wuthering Moors 33 – Defra forced to apologise over EIR breach

Received late on Monday night: INTERNAL REVIEW: RESPONSE TO THE EU COMMISSION FOLLOWING THE RSPB’S COMPLAINT REGARDING WALSHAW MOOR Thank you for your email of 8 July, appealing against Defra’s decision to withhold Defra’s response to the EU commission and for the level of service received. Your case has been reviewed by the Information Standards …

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Wuthering Moors 32

Blogs entitled ‘Wuthering Moors’ form a series of articles about the Walshaw Moor Estate and its relationship with Natural England and Defra. Defra were supposed to reply today to my complaint over their late and uncommunicative response to an FoI request.  I had an email from them on Friday saying that they have now decided …

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Wuthering Moors 31

Blogs entitled ‘Wuthering Moors’ form a series of articles about the Walshaw Moor Estate and its relationship with Natural England and Defra. Regular readers of this blog may remember that I submitted a request for information to Defra about their response to the RSPB complaint to Europe over the Walshaw Moor affair. I received no …

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A burning question for the National Trust

This blog has been a bit critical of the National Trust in the past, suggesting that it isn’t taking its nature conservation work sufficiently seriously, and so  it gives me great pleasure to highlight an excellent piece of work, nearing fruition, by NT.  It’s such good news it is worth being the second blog of …

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Wuthering Moors – 29 The bigger picture

The Walshaw Moor Estate case is important in itself, and we commend again the RSPB for taking a firm stand on it, but it is also indicative of a much wider and deeper Defra malaise. If Defra is not now acting merely as the Rural Jobs and Fieldsports Department then it needs to get its …

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