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Dear Mr Gove! Wake up to this mess!

Dear Mr Gove You have a mess on your hands and despite the fact that you inherited much of it, you have let Natural England dig you into an even deeper hole.  But in any case, it’s now your mess because you are sitting at the desk at which the buck stops. Why would you […]

Wuthering Moors (58) – NE fails to regulate burning on blanket bogs

The Moorland Management Plans (MMPs) for places such as Walshaw Moor are largely a response to the complaints to the EU Commission by the RSPB and the Hebden Bridge ‘Ban the Burn‘ campaigners (Hebden Bridge sits below Walshaw Moor in the Calder Valley) over the nature and scale of burning of moorland on grouse moors. […]

Wuthering Moors (57) – NE paving the way

Walshaw Moor Estate is applying for planning permission to build a big new track through an area of moorland protected for its wildlife interest.  Track building has been highly contentious on this site for many years (see here, here) and the statutory nature conservation agency, Natural England, is well aware of that.  However, NE is […]

Wuthering Moors (56) – the shameful capitulation of state nature conservation

I’m grateful to NE for responding rather rapidly to my EIR/FOI on the moorland management plan for the notorious Walshaw Moor area of west Yorkshire. Although I am grateful to NE for providing the plan, which you can see is very oddly called a Catchment Restoration Plan, they should be deeply ashamed of its content. […]

Wuthering Moors (55)

  Rumour has it that Natural England has agreed a highly contentious Moorland Plan with the Walshaw Estate – the famous grouse moor, owned by millionaire businessman Richard Bannister, which sits above Hebden Bridge. I wrote in this blog on 2 October 2017  ‘It remains to be seen whether NE will really dig their heels […]