I’ll be Doggered if I know (2)…

I phoned the Defra Press Office on Monday and they said they’d get back to me.

I phoned the Defra Press Office on Tuesday and they said they’d get back to me.

I phoned the Defra Press Office on Wednesday and they said they’d get back to me.

All I want is the details of the good news on the Dogger Bank SAC.

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5 Replies to “I’ll be Doggered if I know (2)…”

  1. I featured this on the BES blog this morning. I was able to find some information on the JNCC website about the Dogger Bank SAC, and on Defra http://www.defra.gov.uk/news/2011/09/01/dogger-bank/. What doesn't seem to be on the Defra website is the announcment about the provisional list of Marine Conservation Zones. I found all information about this through news reports today (Guardian and BBC) but couldn't see anything at Defra, which I think is a bit odd.

  2. Well Mark top marks for perseverance but think if you get a answer it will be difficult to interpret.See that two more birds really serious decline,Willow Tit and Lesser Spotted Woodpecker,why do I mention this well because we seem to be unable to come to conclusions why our birds are going down in numbers even though lots of people doing things that apparently have very little beneficial affect and the same old thing trotted out in this instance that it is due to changes in woodland management,sorry do not buy that as the sole problem and believe trotting this out stops further serious investigation to a certain extent.


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