Hay, hay, hay

krI had a listen to the programme of Shared Planet, of which I was a small part, after watching the end of Brazil v Mexico which I just caught after getting back from lunch and dinner with friends in London.

Not bad – a couple of bits I was keen that they should make the cut were in there. I didn’t say anything too daft. No harm done!

It’s always interesting to hear an edited programme because as you listen to it you remember what you said and sometimes your sentence ends before it actually did. I’m not complaining. It’s an interesting insight into the editor’s skill.  Listen to the bit that I said about Hen Harriers and Badgers and, in real life, I said something else too – but you really can’t tell.  It wasn’t anything controversial, nor was it anything particularly interesting, but in real life it was there and in radio life it has disappeared.

You can listen again by clicking here, or wait until Monday evening at 9pm to hear the repeat.

Alex Rhodes is definitely worth listening to – he had lots of good bits cut out.