My books aren’t just for Christmas

Martha coverI know that quite a few people are hoping that they receive A Message from Martha as a Christmas present. Please don’t let them be disappointed…

It was nice (for me anyway) to see that A Message from Martha was listed by Stephen Moss in the Guardian as one of the best examples of nature literature in 2014.

And the Sunday Express made A Message from Martha their joint Bird Book of 2014.


The Sunday Times (Andrew Holgate): ‘in his often jaw-dropping book he sets out to tell the story of this remarkable animal, and discover the reasons for its seemingly inexplicable demise. Piecing together the evidence, extrapolating from hazy first-hand accounts and taking his cue from other birds that are still with us, his book reads at times like the most arresting of mystery stories.’ full review here

The Daily Mail ‘He has charm and a sense of humour, and unlike some environmental activists, he doesn’t hector or guilt-trip you for not having a wind farm in your back garden. So when he tells you something, you pay attention. It’s a grim story, but oddly fascinating even so, for Avery has had to work hard to piece it together because facts are scarce.’ – full review here

The Independent (Michael McCarthy): ‘This book will be a wildlife classic’ – full review here

Buy A Message from Martha here.




Fighting-for-Birds--front-coverAnd sales of Fighting for Birds have also been surging ahead – I assume from people who read A Message from Martha, enjoyed it, and looked for other books by me.


Chris Packham in the book’s Foreword and on his website:  …if you have any real interest in the workings of saving species and their habitats then it’s a tremendously rewarding ‘must read’ Full review

BBC Wildlife (Bill Oddie): it should be read by RSPB members past, present and potential – which means anyone interested in British conservation.

Birdwatch (Stephen Moss): ‘great fun to read‘, ‘What also marks this book out is Avery’s eye for a telling phrase to describe a key moment‘ and ‘a must read for anyone who cares about the future of birds on this crowded island‘. Full review

British Wildlife (Peter Marren): It is wise, it is punchy, it is funny, it is thought-provoking, and best of all, it lives up to its title in showing how every inch of the way has, indeed, been a fight. Full review

Independent newspaper (Michael McCarthy): Dr Avery, now Britain’s premier wildlife blogger, was thus at the very heart of all the conservation and wildlife protection battles of recent times, from windfarms to persecution of birds of prey by landowners. Indeed, he was a prime mover in many of them, and his spiky and opinionated account – there are quite a few people he doesn’t like – is not only immensely instructive, but gripping.Full review


Buy Fighting for Birds here.


So, although these books aren’t just for Christmas – they still can be for Christmas if you order them very soon.



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  1. "Fighting for Birds" is a great read. I now can hardly wait for Santa to bring " Message from Martha"


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