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Image: Carry Akroyd

My book about the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon, A Message from Martha, is still available in paperback but will soon go out of print in hardback (jacket above). So I have snapped up most of the last hardbacks and can offer them to you at around the price you will pay for the paperback – £10 only including postage and packing – but only while stocks last.

The Passenger Pigeon was the most numerous bird that has ever existed on this planet in the mid nineteenth century but was extinct in the wild by the end of that century, and the last of their number, a female we called Martha, died in Cincinnati Zoo, Ohio, on 1 September 1914.

My book analyses the biology of the Passenger Pigeon and describes the birds’ vulnerability to environmental change imposed on the American landmass by the growing numbers of European settlers.  How did the world’s most numerous bird, with a population of billions, decline to extinction in a human generation?

What were our overall impacts on wildlife in the USA at the time that we drove the Passenger Pigeon to extinction?

Will the Turtle Dove follow the Passenger Pigeon to extinction?

Carry Akroyd’s jacket and endpiece designs wrap my words in beautiful art.

Maybe this is a Christmas present for a friend, or maybe just a treat for yourself?

To get your signed copy of the hardback of a A Message from Martha email me at [email protected] or use the PayPal button below. Remember to let me know to whom you’d like the book dedicated.  The price is £10 including postage and packing.

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  1. An excellent book it is too – I would recommend it to anyone. I actually saw my first passenger pigeon last week (a stuffed specimen obviously! ) in the wonderful Yorkshire Museum. If I hadn’t read A Message from Martha I wouldn’t have known the full amazing story or realised it’s significance. Standing in front of that rather lovely bird in its glass case made me very sad, but thank you Mark for bringing the story to life for me.

  2. A fascinating book. An absolute bargain at this price, get one while they last.
    I did an amateur review for our local RSPB Group Bulletin:
    skip to page three to have a read.
    ps I have signed copies of all Mark’s books to date and frequently refer back to them (especially Inglorious for the real facts!)

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