Sunday book review – Flying High by Anneliese Emmans Dean


This is a bird version of the same author’s Buzzing which was reviewed here three years ago.

Anneliese is a poet, writer and performer and her bubbly personality comes across in her book. It consists of c50 double-page spreads of bird species – in each of which there is a poem and a bunch of facts and photographs.  This is said to be a book for young people but I enjoyed it a lot – and at the very least it is a book that young and old could enjoy together.

The species are arranged fairly sensibly by season, and in ‘summer’ you will find the Hen Harrier which, I’m flattered to hear, displaced the Sparrowhawk after Anneliese read Inglorious.

I like the poem for the Hen Harrier which I reproduced on this blog yesterday. But after reading that one, I found myself smiling as I read other poems here.  They are simple, they are easy to read, but they contain a lot of the truth about the birds they celebrate, portray and introduce.

This is a delightful book and one which will be enjoyed by ‘young’ people of all ages.


Flying High by Anneliese Emmans Dean is published by Brambleby Books.


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