Remarkable Birds – a new review

A review of Remarkable Birds, by Michael McCarthy, from Resurgence and Ecologist.

Some extracts:

  • I was particularly entranced by a moody, haunting vision
    of rooks rebuilding their nests in spring by the Russian 19th-century landscape artist Alexander Savrasov, and by the
    bold-faced osprey of his British contemporary Prideaux John Selby.
  • Remarkable Birds goes beyond the coffee-table genre and is given a substantial further dimension by the text
  • Not the least entertaining part of the book is his Introduction, an essay that might be subtitled ‘Birds and Why We Like ’Em’, a sort of beginner’s guide to the whole avian phenomenon, suitable for a visitor from outer space.
  • …the 67 “remarkables”…all…have stories to tell, which Avery relates with panache