Seemed slightly odd but…

Seen by a reader of this blog in Kendal Library…

179 under the Dewey Library system is ‘Other ethical norms’ – an interesting classification of my book.  Still, it’s good to see it in any library.



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12 Replies to “Seemed slightly odd but…”

  1. Yes odd. Surely it should be with 178, The Ethics of Consumption. Or even with the two titles to the left, 177, The Ethics of Social Relations:
    The intensively pampered grouse are ingloriously deceived.

    1. If you must have a go at someone in such an unpleasant manner at least be grammatically correct about it: "I wish I had seen it, I'd have ripped...". I'm also unsure how exactly you intend to carry out the action you suggest, as I think your head might be in the way.

    2. You could not of seen it nor wiped your arse until you had of removed your head from said fundament

    3. Seems you can speak or at least type with it too!
      the pro shooting lobby certainly don't like FACTUAL opposition.

    4. Hi Paul,
      Most libraries have special paper called toilet paper for wiping your bottom. It’s usually located conveniently near the toilet.
      If you ask the librarian nicely they may even have a book on etiquette you can borrow.
      Kind regards

    5. Advocating criminal damage - how unlike the normally law abiding grouse shooting community.

  2. Good to see Mr Miller maintaining the high standard of intellectual discourse we have come to expect from this blog..


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