Henry Morris – a Hen Harrier hero

The three dots on the second horizon are Henry Morris and chums a few minutes into their amazing four-day run across the grouse moors of northern England – the killing fields for protected wildlife.

Henry started his run in the Forest of Bowland AONB and ends it today in Nidderdale AONB – both wildlife crime hotspots – having run through parts of the Yorkshire Dales NP (another wildlife crime hotspot). These ‘protected’ areas offer little protection for birds of prey.

And realisation of that is growing. A local, an ‘ordinary’ person, in Bowland said to me on Wednesday ‘I wish we had Red Kites here they are lovely birds but of course we have Nidderdale between us and the kites and we all know what happens to Red Kites in Nidderdale‘ – that was not a campaigner, a raptor worker, a conservation professional, it was just someone I met and got talking to.

But Henry Morris will have run 200km by lunchtime today and he has been joining the dots of Hen Harrier disappearances which we know are highly likely to be Hen Harrier deaths at the hands of grouse shooting interests. Henry has been wearing a satellite tag, and so far, his tag hasn’t stopped working and he hasn’t unmysteriously disappeared. You can follow his location as the tag transmits his location about every hour ‘live’ this morning (at the time of writing it shows his last location before turning off the tag yesterday evening).

Henry Morris is a Hen Harrier hero and he has also raised well over his target figure of £8000 to help Hen Harriers and bring an end to their illegal persecution at the hands of the grouse shooting industry. If you are impresed by his marathon run then please consider donating to show you care.