Fan mail 2

A follow up to yesterday’s correspondence

Mark, thanks for replying although you didn’t offer an explanation as to why you would want corvids protecting just as we enter nesting season. I live near *********************, I farm and have a building business.

[and then it gets more reasonable and interesting]

So I replied…

Thank you for your response. You didn’t ask me a question, instead you told me, incorrectly, what my views are, so I didn’t think you needed an explanation. Indeed, you gave your own explanation for what you say are my views by telling me that I am motivated by financial gain. If you think that those are the best ways to enter a conversation with someone you don’t know and have never met then I’m surprised.

Please let me know whch pub you frequent and I’ll look forward to seeing you walk in and insult complete strangers before asking them to buy you a pint.

However, putting your crass rudeness aside, I’m prepared to give you another chance.

[and then I continue in a much more friendly manner]

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