NEWS: update from Court 69 #justice4henharriers

One of the three Appeal Court judges, Sir Patrick Elias, was taken ill over the lunch break and the case has been stopped.  Obviously, I send Sir Patrick my every best wish for a full and speedy recovery.

None of us knows the details of the illness but it occurred at a time when rumours were rife that the courts might be closed until October and only urgent and very important cases might be heard, and then perhaps considered on paper rather than in person.

Where does that leave our appeal? I’m not sure.

In court there was a brief discussion of an interim injunction against brood meddling going ahead this year. Such an application would have to be made in writing and would possibly be considered by one or more of the judges involved in this case. I and my legal team are considering this option.  No doubt the RSPB is too. And no doubt we will discuss things with the RSPB.

What chance of grouse shooting going ahead anyway this year? If not, then any brood meddling trial will be pointless in terms of judging its impact on gamekeeper behaviour.

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