Bird song (31) – Oystercatcher

Oystercatcher. Photo: Tim Melling

It’s not just passerines which sing – quite a lot of waders have striking (and rather easily recognised) songs. One of these is the Oystercatcher which is a Spring arrival at my local gravel pits. I heard Oystercatchers near to home on the same day that I heard my first Chiffchaff this year; back on 19 March.

The clarion call of Oystercatchers, sometimes delivered running along the ground, is a sign of Spring in these parts.

Here is how it sounds from the Netherlands;

…and from Germany;

… and from the UK:

Pretty straightforward to recognise – especially since there is probably a black and white bird with a strong white wing bar, an orange beak and pink legs visible at the same time.

More waders to come…

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