News round up

Stuff that’s happened:

Government’s/Boris’s 10-point plan: Official GOVUK, New York Times, Guardian, Independent, BBC. Some of this isn’t new, some of it isn’t great, but some of it is pretty good. Is it enough? I’m struck by the fact that journalists can’t get past the large amount of money involved (to be spent over a long period, but long division is beyond the wit of many these days). In answer to the question ‘Isn’t this a lot of money?‘ I have heard or read people saying both ‘Yes‘ and ‘Yes, but it creates lots of economic activity and generates jobs’ but not yet, in my limited experience ‘Yes, it’s a pity we screwed up so badly that we have to spend money like this – if we had started earlier and more strongly then it would be cheaper. But don’t you remember the Stern Report? It’s even more expensive not to spend this money in terms of impacts. Haven’t you noticed there is a climate crisis? Do you think it’s cheap to solve a crisis?

In brief;