Sunday book review – Wild Green Wonders by Patrick Barkham

These are collected writings from the pen and keyboard of Patrick Barkham, one of our best nature writers and foremost environmental journalists. They are taken from his Guardian pieces over the last 20 years, and they make a delightful book.

Patrick writes so well and sees things that others would miss. I must have read maybe a third of these articles before, but I didn’t remember them all, and they came fresh to me. And some were completely new to my eyes. A few of the articles have some extra words attached to them as updates or further thoughts and those are valuable too.

We meet some famous people, go to some exciting places and hear about some important issues. Throughout the author is clear and sympathetic to all, but it is clear that he is predisposed to be on the side of wildlife, the underdog.

This would be a good book to take on holiday or keep near you when travelling because it is varied in content, the articles are bite-sized but all have the delicious flavour of Patrick’s writing. They might make some turn for the first time to some of his excellent books.

The cover? It’s actually quite pleasant. I’ll give it 7/10.

Wild Green Wonders: a life in nature by Patrick Barkham is published by Guardian Faber Publishing.


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